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09 May 2019
Celebrations were led by Miss Hayward and began with prayers from Hannah & Daniel in Year 6.
Accelerated Reader Challenge: 3H, Sam M, Year 6 & Arthur, Year 3H. 
 Congratulations to 3H, who are again, the class with the highest word count this week, Sam M, in Year 6, who, again, has the highest individual word count and Arthur, in 3H, who has completed the most quizzes with 100%. 
Football: Callum 
 Congratulations to Callum, in Year 5, who plays football for Foresters Football Club, he received a medal for playing well in the team on a regular basis.   
Football : A & B Team v Pembury 
 On Friday 5th May 2019, the St James Football A Team went to St Gregg’s to play a match against Pembury.  The game got off to a good start for both teams.  Alfie L scored an amazing goal, making the score 1-0 to St James.  We kept possession, but they got a goal. The halftime score was 1-1 and we were really tired.  The second half began and Ollie W scored for us.  Alfie L crossed it to Alfie S who headed it just over the bar.  It was the last ten seconds of the game, Ollie H passed it to Ollie W and he scored.  The final score was 3-1 to St James.  Thanks for the parents for supporting us and Ollie’s dad for coaching us, we had amazing time.  Report by Alfie L & Omari.   Mr Hodges reported that the B Team had also played against Pembury in a very close match, the final score was 5-4 to St. James'.  Congratulations to Joe M, who scored a hat-trick.  These were the last league matches of the season, there is one tournament left to play, in a couple of weeks time to finish off the season.  
Football - Players Player Award: Omari, Year 5 
 Congratulations to Omari, in Year 5, who plays football for Foresters Football Club; he has been voted, by the players, the 'Players Player of the Year'.  He received a trophy, which he was proud to show.   
Golden Book: Aydin, Isabelle, Luke, Joshua, Zavier, Darcey, Jacob, Aggie, Kuba, Alexander, James & Stella. 
 Congratulations to the following, who all received Golden Awards this week.  In Year 3: Aydin, for always being ready to learn and showing excellent learning behaviour - thank you: Isabelle G, for a brilliant attitude to all her learning and excellent presentation and Luke, for his perseverance with his handwriting.  In Year 4: Joshua H, for settling in so well to St. James', making good friends and taking part in class discussions: Zavier, for his excellent attitude to his learning and being such a kind and considerate member of 4S, and Darcey, for an excellent poem and presentation.  In Year 5: Jacob, for his brilliant learning and speaking since we came back after Easter: Aggie, for her hard work in maths and showing good progress, and Kuba, for his effort in class, he always does his best.  In Year 6: Alexander, for an improved attitude to his learning over the last few weeks and, Stella, for being an amazing member of our class for always putting a smile on our faces!  
Piano: Maxwell, Year 3. 
 Many congratulations to Maxwell, in Year 3, who has been playing piano since Year 1 and practices every day, which he enjoys; he has gained Entry Level, with distinction and some very complimentary comments.  
Shell Award: 5W 
 Congratulations to 5W, this weeks winners of the Shell Award, they were very excited to win.  They will receive some additional free-time at the end of the week and be able to go on the play equipment on Friday, weather permitting.   
Staff Netball: Mr Hodges, Mr Stevens, Mr Wyke, Mrs Walker, Mrs Shortland & Mrs Baker 
 On Thursday 2nd May, the St James’ Staff Netball team went to Hadlow Primary School to play a tournament against lots of other schools. One of the teams in our group didn’t turn up which meant we only had to play two games. We also were one player down so only played with 6 players on our team.  First, we played Cage Green. The score was 3-0 to us. Mr Stevens and Mr Wyke were superb in defence and Mrs Baker and Mrs Shortland made some amazing passes too.  Our second match was against Hever and luckily we managed to in 4-0 thanks to some brilliant shooting by Mrs Walker and Mr Hodges. Then we had to wait to see if we had made it through to the semi-finals. We found out we had won our group and would play Hadlow in the semi-finals. It started raining really hard but we played on anyway. Hadlow scored straight from centre but Mr Hodges and Mrs Walker scored one goal each to make the score 2-1 to us. We were in the final! The final was against Hildenborough.  In the final, Mr Hodges scored 2 quick goals meaning we were 2-0 up in the first 3 minutes. Hildenborough got two lucky goals meaning it was 2-2 with a couple of minutes left. Mr Stevens intercepted a pass and threw it straight to Mr Wyke. He passed down the line to Mrs Shortland, who did a fast one-two with Mrs Baker. Mrs Baker passed into the D to Mr Hodges, who passed to Mrs Walker who shot an amazing effort into the net. The final whistle blew; we had won! And with only 6 players!  Thanks to Emma for coaching and supporting us and Mr Stevens for driving us there; we all had a great time.  Report by Mr Hodges. 
Swimming : Ava, Year 5. 
 Congratulations to Ava S, in Year 5, who has gained her Learn to Swim Stage 4 Award.  She had to demonstrate three different ways of floating, different swimming strokes and how to 'push & glide'.  She is now working towards Stage 5. 

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