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Here is list of current staff:

Key: More Details - more details where available.

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Leadership Team
Mr John Tutt Headteacher Email Mr John TuttView profile for Mr John Tutt 
Miss Lucy Hayward Deputy Headteacher Email Miss Lucy HaywardView profile for Miss Lucy Hayward 
Mrs Holly Shortland6S Assistant Headteacher & English Leader Email Mrs Holly ShortlandView profile for Mrs Holly Shortland 
Mrs Penny Wardell Special Educational Needs Coordinator Email Mrs Penny WardellView profile for Mrs Penny Wardell 
Teaching Staff
Mrs Anna Holland6H Maths Leader Email Mrs Anna HollandView profile for Mrs Anna Holland 
Mr Jez Stevens6J ICT Leader Email Mr Jez StevensView profile for Mr Jez Stevens 
Mr Michael Hodges5H Sports Leader Email Mr Michael HodgesView profile for Mr Michael Hodges 
Miss Sophie Stock5T Class Teacher Email Miss Sophie StockView profile for Miss Sophie Stock 
Mrs Liane Sparks5S Geography Leader Email Mrs Liane Sparks  
Mrs Anna Williams4W Art & Design Technology Leader Email Mrs Anna WilliamsView profile for Mrs Anna Williams 
Mrs Fiona Schone4S English as an additional language Leader Email Mrs Fiona Schone  
Mrs Helen Featherstone4F Job Share & Modern & Foreign Languages Leader & School Council Email Mrs Helen Featherstone  
Miss Cathy Spoor3S Science Leader  Email Miss Cathy SpoorView profile for Miss Cathy Spoor 
Mrs Rachel Raistrick3R  Job Share & RE Leader Email Mrs Rachel Raistrick  
Miss Rachel Lascelles3L Year 3 Email Miss Rachel Lascelles  
Mrs Vicky OakleyJob Share 3R & S Job Share 3R & Support Groups Email Mrs Vicky Oakley  
Mrs Gill WallerYear 4 Part time teacher Email Mrs Gill WallerView profile for Mrs Gill Waller 
Mrs Judy Waters Part time support teacher Email Mrs Judy WatersView profile for Mrs Judy Waters 
Mrs Rebecca Clarke Maternity Leave Email Mrs Rebecca Clarke  
Teaching Assistants
Mrs Jean Crane3L Higher Level Teaching Assistant    
Mrs Katrina Gilman6S Higher Level Teaching Assistant    
Miss Sue GibsonYear 5 Higher Level Teaching Assistant    
Mrs Jane Simkins4S Senior Teaching Assistant, Clerk to the Governing Body Email Mrs Jane Simkins  
Mrs Mandy Lewis4W Senior Teaching Assistant    
Mrs Sarah Moriarty Assistant to SENCo    
Mrs Amy Powley3S Teaching Assistant  View profile for Mrs Amy Powley 
Mrs Carmel Matthews6H Teaching Assistant    
Mrs Teresa Woolgar4F Part Time    
Mrs Barbara Hobot4W Teaching Assistant  View profile for Mrs Barbara Hobot 
Ms Linda Jarvis5S Teaching Assistant  View profile for Ms Linda Jarvis 
Mrs Sarah Baker4W Support Assistant  View profile for Mrs Sarah Baker 
Mrs Erica Simm4F Teaching Assistant  View profile for Mrs Erica Simm 
Office and Support Staff
Mrs Angie Walker School Administrator Email Mrs Angie Walker  
Mrs Juliet Walters Finance Officer    
Mrs Dawn Johnson Admin Clerk  View profile for Mrs Dawn Johnson 
Mrs Janet Holdstock Family Liaison Officer    
Mr Shaun Littlechild Caretaker    
Mrs Roya Talebi Midday Supervisor  View profile for Mrs Roya Talebi 
Mrs Jean Diplock Midday Supervisor    
Mrs Nicola Honeyands Midday Supervisor  View profile for Mrs Nicola Honeyands