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Here are the recent 'Announcements' from the St James' C.E. Junior School On-line Noticeboard.

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12 Jul 201812 Jul 2018Sports Day is under way, field events took place in the morning and track events start at 1pm.
25 Jun 201829 Jun 2018 Year 6 just left Portsmouth & heading home, see you at school at 4ish
02 Mar 201802 Mar 2018School is open, school meals available today. Pupils to have coats & wellies to go on the field.
27 Feb 201827 Feb 2018School is open today, but no school lunches - please bring packed lunch. Year 3 trip off today
20 Jul 201720 Jul 2017Sports Day abandoned due to heavy rain. Calverley picnic also cancelled today
11 Jul 201711 Jul 2017Due to weather forecast, Sports Afternoon postponed. New date Thursday 20th July
27 Jun 201730 Jun 2017Friday - overcast, lots of tired children. Now on the ferry heading for Southampton
26 Jun 201726 Jun 2017Arrived safety at Little Canada after a lovely afternoon in the sunshine at Osborne House.
25 May 201726 May 2017Congratulations to Dunorlan, they have gained the most house points this term.
28 Apr 201726 May 2017Year 4 Recycled Book Fair - Thursday 25th May
13 Jan 201713 Jan 2017The school is open as usual
17 Nov 201618 Nov 2016Book Fair Thursday & Friday 3.30 in school library.
17 Nov 201617 Nov 2016Cake Sale 3.30 Thursday
26 Oct 201604 Nov 2016Congratulations to Jon Peet & Joanna Smith, who have been elected Parent Governors
14 Oct 201621 Oct 2016Midday Supervisors required. Monday - Friday 11.45 - 13.15. Apply at the office
14 Oct 201621 Oct 2016The Governing Body is seeking two new Parent Governors.
13 Oct 201613 Oct 2016Port Lympne trip, running little late. should be back 3.40. Great day
23 Jun 201623 Jun 2016IOW News - Wednesday went really well. Some great achievements by children. Very wet last night but dry this morning for activities, all having an exciting time!
23 Jun 201623 Jun 2016Torrential rain & thunderstorm last night, set off to activities in light rain, cleared by lunchtime
22 Jun 201622 Jun 2016Damp & drizzling this morning, but everyone keen to get going on activities.
21 Jun 201621 Jun 2016A good nights sleep on the Isle of Wight. Lovely sunny morning as all groups head off to activities
20 Jun 201620 Jun 2016Year 6 all arrived safely on Isle of Wight. Rain stopped, sun trying to break through.
20 Jun 201620 Jun 2016Good afternoon of activities in the sunshine.
03 Nov 201506 Nov 2015PTA Meeting Friday 6th November 2.15pm - new parents welcome
22 Oct 201502 Nov 2015Congratulations to Jamie Simm & Steven Sanson, who have been elected Parent Governors
22 Oct 201523 Oct 2015Sponsored Walk - sensible footwear please.
30 Sep 201502 Oct 2015Reminder - Nominations for Parent Governors close at noon on Friday 2nd October
17 Jul 201520 Jul 2015Congratulations to our gymnasts. Year 5/6 Team finishing 2nd in Kent and Year 3/4 Team finishing 5th in Kent
17 Jul 201522 Jul 2015Panto report and photos on news page
03 Jul 201507 Jul 2015Sports Day was a great success, despite the rain!!!
02 Jul 201502 Jul 2015Sports Day Today - Parents welcome to watch afternoon races from 1.30pm.
27 Jun 201527 Jun 2015Summer Festival - today at the school. 1 - 8pm
27 Jun 201501 Jul 2015Many congratulations to the Cricket A Team who won the Tunbridge Wells Cricket A Tournament and to the B & C Teams who were 1st & 2nd in the B Tournament.
19 Jun 201519 Jun 2015Year 6 are back on the mainland & scheduled to be back at school at 5.30 will keep you updated if this changes.
18 Jun 201518 Jun 2015Weather looking good for the last day of activities, groups off canoeing & kayaking, others have cat walk & archery, before the disco & packingthis evening.
17 Jun 201518 Jun 2015Hot & sunny on the Isle of Wight. Some groups canoeing this afternoon, others all busy solving problems, doing aeroball & low ropes. Mr Tutt visited for the day.
28 Nov 201429 Nov 2014Christmas Fair Saturday 29th 1 - 4pm
21 Nov 201421 Nov 2014Book Fair after school today 3.30 in old 6S classroom
07 Nov 201407 Nov 2014Cake Sale today ~ Friday 7th November 3.30pm Year 5
20 Jun 201420 Jun 2014Happy campers heading off to Osbourne House, then coming home.
19 Jun 201419 Jun 2014Beautiful sunny morning on Isle of Wight, lots of fun activities today
18 Jun 201418 Jun 2014Dull & overcast on Isle of Wight, but happy campers heading off to fun activities
18 Jun 201418 Jun 2014The sun has come out after lunch for everyone to go dragon boating.
17 Jun 201417 Jun 2014Sun shining on Isle of Wight, while everyone is doing water sports
17 Jun 201417 Jun 2014Hot & sunny for afternoon activities, see news pages for more details.
16 Jun 201416 Jun 2014Arrived safely on the Isle of Wight. Groups enjoying their afternoon activities.
09 May 201416 May 2014PTA Pamper Evening - Friday 16th May from 6.30pm Please return booking forms as soon as possible.
10 Feb 201418 Feb 2014Building work has started!! Check expansion pages on left menu for photos and regular updates.
15 Oct 201317 Oct 2013On Thursday the school will be partly open, due to strike action. Only 4W & 3S will be open for children. All other classes will be closed to children.
27 Jun 201327 Jun 2013The Sun is still shining on the Isle of Wight. All groups out in the sunshine and looking forward to dragon boating this afternoon
25 Jun 201325 Jun 2013IOW News - All slept well and had a hearty breakfast. Weather quite good. Activities today include climbing, fencing, sensory trail and quad biking!
25 Mar 201327 Mar 2013No Chess Club and No Netball Club this week (25th to 27th March)
12 Mar 201312 Mar 2013Year 6 Swimming is cancelled, - School is open - School lunches as usual
18 Jan 201318 Jan 2013The school will remain open, as usual until the end of the day. Pupils are enjoying playing in the snow on the playground. Basketball is now cancelled
19 Nov 201226 Nov 2012Public Meeting regarding expansion - Postponed details to follow
19 Nov 201230 Nov 2012Result of Parent Governor Elections: Mrs J. Austen, Mrs C.Lees & Mrs Y. Lloyd elected.
22 Oct 201223 Oct 2012Netball, Chess and Drama clubs are cancelled due to Consultations
11 Oct 201217 Oct 2012Public Consultation, regarding expansion - Wednesday 17th October 7pm
24 Jun 201227 Jun 2012Isle of Wight photo's now on the news page
22 Jun 201222 Jun 2012Latest update - best estimate of arrival time is now 7.15pm. Group call will be used for further updates
21 Jun 201221 Jun 2012Day 4 - Isle of Wight, Bad weather over night but dry now. Dragon Boat racing today so hopefully weather will stay fine!
03 May 201205 May 2012Dig-In - Saturday 5th May 10am to noon. To plant Jubilee Trees in the grounds, all very welcome.
24 Apr 201225 Apr 2012School will be open as usual on Wednesday 25.04.12. Apologies for any inconvenience caused on Tuesday when we had no working toilets
07 Feb 201207 Feb 2012Chess Match today cancelled. Cross Country and Netball cancelled tomorrow (Wednesday)
05 Feb 201206 Feb 2012School will open as usual during the snow - those with wellies will be able to go on the field at break/lunchtime. Photo's all on the home page of fun on the field.
01 Feb 201204 Feb 2012Firework Extravaganza Saturday 4th February. Gates open at 4.30pm, show starts at 5.30 + stalls
25 Nov 201125 Nov 2011Year 5 British Museum Trip - Pick up at TW Station at 4.00pm now as Train arriving earlier Don't worry if you can't make the earlier time - children will be looked after
10 Nov 201111 Nov 2011Remember Children In Need Cake Sale - Friday 11.11.11 after school.
16 Sep 201116 Sep 2011Year 5 Cake Sale at 3.20
04 Jul 201106 Jul 2011Unfortunately Circus cancelled due to ill health
27 Jun 201130 Jun 2011School open as normal on Thursday
23 Jun 201124 Jun 2011Due an extremely fun fuelled exciting day, and intermittent internet connections, photos will be added as soon as possible
22 Jun 201122 Jun 2011More news and photos from an overcast Isle of Wight on the news page
20 Jun 201121 Jun 2011More photos added from the Isle of Wight.
16 Jun 201117 Jun 2011Now available - Sports Day photos and report.
13 Jun 201114 Jun 2011Livingstone win Sports Day - photos to follow soon
05 Jun 201106 Jun 2011Out of Hours Care Still Available on Monday at St. James Infant School
26 Mar 201126 Mar 2011Dig - In
21 Jan 201121 Jan 2011Year 5 & PFA Cake Sale after school
03 Dec 201003 Dec 2010 Friday: The School is Open, All Bring Packed lunch
12 Jul 201013 Jul 2010Sports Day photos just put on the news page
05 Jul 201008 Jul 2010Isle of Wight - more photos added to the news page
02 Jul 201002 Jul 2010Isle of Wight - Scheduled to be back at 5 - Group Call if much earlier/later
29 Jun 201029 Jun 2010Isle of Wight - Tuesday Brief News - see News Page for photos
28 Jun 201028 Jun 2010All Year 6 arrived safely on the Isle of Wight
24 Jun 201026 Jun 2010Allotment DIG IN Saturday June 26th 10am
08 Jun 201009 Jun 2010Year 5 Parents Evening 9th June - NEW TIME 7.15pm
21 Apr 201021 Apr 2010Class and Team Photos - postponed
19 Apr 201020 Apr 2010Reminder - Year 5 swimming on Tuesday 20th April
25 Mar 201026 Mar 2010Easter Egg Bingo Friday 26th March - children can wear own clothes in exchange for an easter egg
18 Mar 201021 Mar 2010Dig-in at the school allotment, Saturday 20th, 10am Please help.
26 Jan 201026 Jan 2010Haiti Earthquake Appeal - Thank you for all the cakes sent in another cake sale today at break time
21 Jan 201025 Jan 2010Haiti Earthquake Appeal. Lots of cakes left another sale of cakes on Tuesday.
11 Jan 201015 Jan 2010 School is still open - please send children in with wellies & coats. School dinners have now resumed
18 Dec 200918 Dec 2009School IS open - bring your wellies!!
02 Dec 200912 Dec 2009Cash for Schools - we need your votes for a new minibus. Last voucher printed today
30 Nov 200901 Dec 2009Book Fair in school today at 3.30pm
24 Oct 200925 Oct 2009Dig-In at School Allotment
05 Oct 200905 Oct 2009Netball Cancelled after school - Monday