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Welcome to St. James' Junior School. We pride ourselves on our happy and friendly school. The staff and Governors are great believers in our Christian values, which we encourage and develop throughout the school. The child is always at the heart of everything that we do.

As our Ofsted report shows, we maintain very high standards of work and sport that are taught in a stimulating and challenging environment. Thoughtful consideration is always encouraged in all aspects of school life.

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Every year the school governors and staff work hard to continually improve all areas of the school.  To enable us to do this effectively we produce a School Development Plan each year.  Below are the school priorities for 2016-2017:


1. Effectiveness of Leadership & Management

2. Quality of Teaching, Learning & Assessment

3. Personal development, Behaviour & Welfare

4. Outcomes for Pupils

1.1               Develop distributed and sustainable leadership throughout the school.

1.2               Ensure all Middle Leaders know the quality of provision in their area and have action plans link to this plan and give actions to raise standards to help leaders and governors to check progress.


2.1               Ensure all teachers follow the school marking policy and that children follow this up with RAP time.

2.2               Continue to improve the pace of learning by ensuring teacher inputs are short, appropriate and efficient

2.3               Develop children’s targets, steps to success and the teachers’ use of feedback so all children know their next steps for improvement

2.4               Teach lessons that are engaging, creative and inspire the children

2.5               Develop effective assessment in all subjects beyond the core.

3.1               Ensure behaviour is outstanding across the school by eliminating low level disruption in classes and improving the way children move around the school.

3.2               Improve attendance for all groups of pupils.

3.3               Ensure all statutory safeguarding duties are carried out.


4.1               The % of pupils at ARE at the end of each year is higher than at the beginning of the year for all groups of children.

4.2               Pupils make at least expected progress and reach 85% at expected in all year groups and at the end of Key Stage 2 in Maths.

4.3               The gap between pupil premium children and other children narrows in every year group