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Here are the posts for July 2018

End of Year Assembly

 End of Year Assembly - Tuesday 24th July 2018

After lunch the whole school gathered in the hall for the final assembly of the year.  It was a time to celebrate and also to say goodbye.

Mr Tutt presented the Big Little Award.  The Award is presented to a pupil from each year 5 class at the end of the year for working hard, gaining confidence, being a good friend, being kind to others and making great progress. : Congratulations to Rachel, Lorenzo and Zoruv, this years winners of the Award.

Next it was time to thank the School Council for all they have done for the school this year, attending meetings in their lunch times .

During the summer holidays, Miss Lascelles is getting married, she will return in September as Mrs Piper.  She was challenged to complete a task - 'hoop that man!', she managed to get a hoop over Mr Hodges 3 times!!  She was wished good luck for her big day.

Miss Spoor is leaving us today, she is an amazing teacher and will be greatly missed.  She has led science, not only in St. James, but across Tunbridge Wells; she also likes to attend yoga classes, so Mr Tutt thought she could complete a yoga move, the 'downdog', whilst reciting the elements!!  She managed to successfully complete the task.  Holmewood House, you are very lucky.  

We also wished Mrs Shortland well as she prepares for the birth of her baby in the next couple of weeks.   Her challenge was to, balance on the bump!  She successfully managed to balance a tennis ball, football, glass of water and finally a jug of water on her bump, to the delight of everyone!!  

Year 6 ended the assembly with their version of 'This is Me' from the Greatest Showman.

Mr Tutt thanked everyone, all the pupils and all the staff for an amazing year and wished everyone a happy summer holiday. 

JS - 24 July 2018 13:02 - GeneralRobin and the Sherwood Hoodies

Robin & The Sherwood Hoodies

Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed rehearsing for and performing this year's Year 6 panto. The fun-filled 'Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies' tells the story of how Robin got his group of entertainers, the skunks and his local villagers to defeat the evil King John and the Sheriff of Nottingham.

It has had audiences laughing out loud throughout and the children have loved singing out all of the sings from the top of their lungs.

Thanks to all of those who came to watch and joined in with the booing, clapping and laughing.

JS - 19 July 2018 14:21 - GeneralKent Cricket Finals

Kent Cricket Finals July 2018

Runners-Up at the Kent County Cricket FinalsOn Wednesday 11th July the Cricket A team went to play in the County Finals at Canterbury. We had a quick warm up before playing our first match, which was against Wincheap; we won by 15 runs. Our second match was even closer, but we won by 1 run. Ben bowled a great ball and Ollie caught it on the last ball. Thankfully we didn't have to play one of other teams in our group, because they didn't turn up, giving us an automatic win, so we had won all three of our games. We were through to the knockout stages. We won the knockout stages and avoided elimination, as we won by the largest margin of runs. We were through to the semi-final play off. We came out victorious in the semis and won comfortably. In the final we lost wickets early as most of their team played for Kent U11's and we only had Ben who plays for Kent. They were now comfortably winning as tactic was to play defensive until the end of the game, as they were batting second. Somehow, they still conceded 4 wickets in a tight game, as well as a low scoring one. In the end they won by 7 runs and we finished runners-up in Kent. Thank you to Mrs Simkins for driving and supporting us and to Mr Hodges for coaching and supporting us. We all had a great time.

Mr Hodges reported the team had been 'amazingly sporting' in all their games and had been congratulated on this by other spectators. It was a great achievement to reach the finals and to finish runners-up was amazing.

Team: Harry, Ben, Raghav, Ollie, Lenny, Danyal, Polly & Olive.

Report by: Ben, Lenny, Ollie, Raghav, Harry & Danyal.


JS - 19 July 2018 13:57 - GeneralSports Day 2018

Sports Day 2018

Sports Day morning began with everyone gathering on the field for the twelve events.  Teams were made up of two pupils from each house and year group.  Events were curling, netball shooting, hockey, obstacle course, over & under, shot putt, javelin, 5 strides, penalty shootout, bean bag throw, golf & speed bounce. Year 6 pupils took score cards to each event, which lasted for 6 minutes, points were given for sportsmanship and for achievement in each event.  After a picnic lunch, with parents, on the field the  track events took place. The first race was the bean bag & tin, followed by skipping, obstacle course, hurdles.  After these pupils gathered their younger brothers and sisters, so many three races took place, for the toddlers race to the delight of the crowd of parents.  The mums and dads races were very well supported as well.  It was then time for the egg and spoon race, the sprints and finally the relays.  While the scores for all the races were added up, several of the teachers took part in a race.  The final scores for the afternoon were announced and were very close with only 2 points between first and second place, Dunorlan were the winners of the track events.  The field events and overall winners will be announced in assembly.  Dunorlan won the field and track trophy and Hilbert won the Sportsmanship trophy. 

JS - 12 July 2018 10:55 - GeneralIsle of Wight 2018

Isle of Wight 2018

Monday - Lovely afternoon in the sunshine, climbing, problem solving, on the sensory trail, abseiling, Jacobs ladder & challenge course everyone ate well before heading out to the evening activity. All now settled in bed, looking forward to a busy day tomorrow.

Tuesday morning - All groups out on activities, orienteering, climbing, problem solving, archery, buggy building, sensory trail & abseiling. I’ll try & post some photos, but tricky to get connected to laptop will do updates throughout the day from phone.

After a good afternoon in the sunshine, all groups had dinner and then headed out to the camp fire. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Everyone having a great time.

Chalet inspection taking place before lunch, sun is still shining, another busy afternoon busy afternoon with 2 activities.

Wednesday - All groups left after breakfast to go to Alun Bay and The Needles. Spent a lovely day watching glass being made, taking a boat trip round the Needles, ate our packed lunch on the beach and visited the sand shop and souvenir shop before heading back to PGL. After dinner everyone will be heading down to the local beach to play some games before bed. The sun continues to shine brightly! Just added more photos.

Thursday - Woke to another beautiful morning, after a good breakfast all groups headed out to activities, Jacobs ladder, challenge course, fencing, sensory trail & buggy building. Will try & add more photos later.

Friday morning - everyone up early to finish packing & clear out of cabins before breakfast All groups then set off to their final session in the glorious sunshine. Lunch will be at the ferry crossing before we do the final coach journey home. See you all later this afternoon.

All fabulous week in the sunshine of the Isle of Wight, enjoyed by everyone.

JS - 11 July 2018 10:56 - General
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