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Here are the posts for July 2016

Goodbye Mr Smith

Goodbye Mr Smith

The whole school said an emotional goodbye to Mr Smith, Deputy Headteacher, after 21 years at the school. Everyone gathered in the hall for assembly which began with an adaptation of the song ‘So Long Farewell’ which Mrs Walker had worked on with the choir and soloists. Mr Smith was then challenged to play a hymn on the piano, but to sing the words of another hymn, he managed this admirably! He was then challenged to play along to YMCA, and then keep playing, while the backing music was cut, to see he could keep time, the backing track was then reintroduced; again he passed the challenge (just!). Mr Tutt presented him with gifts from the school, before everyone sang ‘Thank you for the Music’ with words adapted to say a final farewell. He will be sadly missed by everyone, past and present.

JS - 22 July 2016 10:50 - GeneralForensic Scientists

Forensic Day at Skinners 

On Wednesday 13th July 2016 8 children from year 5 took part in a Forensics day at Skinners Grammar School. Mark Moody (a teacher at the school) told us that someone had stolen a file of his laptop, and we had to find who the culprit was. We first did Chromatography to find out which pen was used to write a threat found at the crime scene. The threat said ‘Next time it’ll be your i-phone’. 
Next we put hairs and types of clothing underneath a microscope. We had some hairs and material that was found at the crime scene and we had to match it to the hairs and clothing from the suspects. 
Following that we did the finger printing so we went around the school and got the suspects fingerprints.
Forensic Scientists: Liv, Luke, Isla, Elinor, Zac, Ritesh, Joshua & Daisy.
Report by Elinor
JS - 21 July 2016 12:30 - GeneralBig Little Award 2016

Big Little Award July 2016.

Big Little Award Winners 2016.Donated by the Little Family when their children left the school; this shield is now awarded to three children in year 5, one member of each class, at the end of each year. The award is for consistently showing outstanding levels of thoughtfulness, kindness, working hard with little or no fuss and consideration during the year. The award was presented by the Headteacher to Flo A from 5O, Tavia in 5H and Beth from 5S. Congratulations to all the girls who had big smiles and were delighted to receive their award. They will share the shield over the year.

JS - 19 July 2016 14:03 - GeneralSports Day 2016

 Sports Day 2016

On Friday 9th July, all pupils and staff, with parents eagerly watching on, gathered on the field after a picnic lunch for the Sports Track Events, Field Events will take place on Thursday 14th. Pupils gathered in their sports day houses; Nelson, Wellington, Scott and Livingstone. Races included: Bean Bag and Hoop, Skipping, the Obstacle Race and Hurdles. It was then time for the Toddlers Race, which was followed by the Mums & Dads races. Then it was then back to the children to take part in the Egg and Spoon Race, followed by the Sprints and finally the Relays. Once all the points had been added up, the winning team of the track events was announced, Nelson had won the cup.

Field Events Thursday 14th July
Pupils and staff gathered on the field and playground, in the sunshine, to take part in cricket, netball, obstacle race, over and under, shot putt, 5 strides, penalty shooting, bean bag target and golf. Each activity was for 6 minutes with teams rotating round all the activities. Points were awarded for each activity and extra points were available for good sportsmanship. All teams were congratulated on their great teamwork and sportsmanship.  The final result will be announced, when all the scores have been added together, on Monday.

JS - 14 July 2016 13:38 - GeneralIsle of Wight 2016

 Isle of Wight 2016.  20th – 24th June

Last week Year 6 travelled to the Isle of Wight and stayed at PGL's Little Canada.  Two coaches left the school early on Monday morning and took the ferry from Southampton to Cowes and arrived at Little Canada at around 1.15 and began to take part in activities at 2.10.  Activities took place all day on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Activities this year included: Abseiling, aeroball, archer, challenge course, climbing, dragon boating, Jacobs ladder, low ropes, orienteering, trapeze, problem solving, quad biking and team games.  On Friday morning everyone was up bright and early and left the site after breakfast and took the short journey to Osbourne House.  This year several of the groups managed to get down to Swiss Cottage, which was great.  It was then back on the coaches to Cowes and the ferry, this time it was a lovely sunny crossing, then the journey back to school.  
Our Groupies taught everyone 'Break It Down' a clapping rhythm and several songs, which were sung going around the site.  
The Following Awards were presented: Most Punctual Group, this award went to Group 1: Zara, Lola, Lara, Alexandra, Isis, Georgie, Izzy, Hannah, Khalisha, Riya, Faith & Scarlett. Group 3 won the Sensory Trail Award; Luke, George, Ben, Michael, Fred, Harry, Alex J, Matilda, Dan J, Emilia, Molly & Freya.  The tidiest cabin went to boys, for the fourth year running, Harry, Mack, Akshayan & Edward, although the overall standard was very high this year.  The Best Team Spirit went to Group 2: Edward, Mack, Xander, Alex J, Akshayan, Rosie, Tess, Susie, Freya & Tilly.  
Individual Awards went to the following; Izzy, Riya, Susie, Mack, Matilda, Alex J, Amelia, Oscar, Ariella, Nicole, Imogen & Ruthie.  
Mr Smith thanked all the adults who went on the journey, Miss Spoor, Mr Tutt, Mrs Simkins, Mrs Crane, Mrs Watson and the three dads, Mr Forte, Mr Benton and Mr Dolman.   Mr Tutt thanked Mr Smith for organising and leading the very successful journey.
JS - 1 July 2016 13:58 - General
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