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Here are the posts for May 2016

Year 4 Roman Day 2016

 Year 4 Roman Day May 2016.

My name is Rosy. Last week I had the worst day of my ghostly life. By the way, I’m an invisible dog. I wasn’t always like that. But I guess if I’m writing a doggy diary, I shouldn’t include my life before I died. I should go on.

So anyway, there I was, at St James’ school, spying on children, minding my own business, when loads of children came down the steps and stood on me like I was invisible (which I am). I followed them into the hall. Just my luck that I’d picked Roman day to go to the school. I watched in horror as two adults explained what they were going to do. They made a child dress in this horrible heavy stuff called armour. Then they painted another child’s face with blue stuff. They gave the child with the blue face a sword. I couldn’t bear to watch.

When I took another look at them, I almost died of fright. Not that I could die as a ghost. The children had been captured by a horrible screaming mass of barbarians, all with blue faces! They let out a bloodthirsty war cry that echoed through the building. Then a small group of people in armour came out. They formed some sort protective barrier with their shields, like a tortoise. The barbarians hurled stones, which bounced off the shields, but some found gaps and fell in. I watched as the barbarians stoned the man who was not protected. The ones with the shields then raised their spears and lots of barbarians died horrible deaths. They looked strangely like children…

The next time I looked, the blue-faced barbarians were disguised as romans. Some women pretended to be men. Seriously! I watched as they did a series of different activities. I watched as they made protective amulets. They scratched like cats!

In the afternoon I watched as they ate some really weird food. Cucumber in honey… YUCK! At any rate, it was a weird afternoon. I’m sure the children loved it! But seriously… I’m not coming again!

Report by Sophia

JS - 19 May 2016 14:03 - General
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