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Here are the posts for April 2016

Strictly Cool Dancing 2016

 Strictly Cool Dancing 2016.

On Thursday 14th April 2016, St James’ Strictly Cool Dancing Team went to a dance competition at Tonbridge Boys School against nine other schools from Kent. Eight school teams performed their dances and then it was time for us to go on stage. We started dancing; everybody was enjoying themselves and performing the best they could. After we had finished our dance, we were all very relieved and happy with the performance. The last school (Claremont) did their dance and then it was time to find out who had got into the dance off. All the schools went on to the stage and it was very tense. The first school that was called was Claremont, then it was us and the final school was Hadlow. We had got into the dance off! We were second on and we did a better performance than the first. When the third school had finished their dance, we all went on to the stage to find out who had won. It was extremely tense, we were all holding hands and had our fingers crossed. The lady who was going to announce the winner took ages but then she finally announced it. She announced our school and we had won! We were no longer the Anton Dubek of the competition.

Thank you for Mrs. Raistrick for choreographing our winning routine and all the parents for driving us there and supporting us.

JS - 21 April 2016 15:10 - GeneralWhole School Photo April 2016

 Whole School Photo 2016

On 13th April, a lovely sunny morning, the stage was set for a photo of the whole school. Staging was set up on the playground before classes lined up in year groups and height order. Lots of organisation was required to get over 350 people in the right place. Once everyone was assembled on the playground, pupils filled the stage and before staff took their places and the photo was taken.

We look forward to seeing the final photo.

JS - 14 April 2016 14:28 - General
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