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Here are the posts for November 2016

Maths Day November 2016

 Maths Day

On Wednesday 23rd November we all had a fun day filled with maths activities. We were lucky enough to have Mr. Hall in to challenge each year group with maths puzzles. In our classes we drew tessellated patterns; created parabolic curves; found out about Fibonacci’s circles; invented times tables songs and lots more! We all had a great time and we all thought about the part of Maths that we love the most.

JS - 24 November 2016 15:43 - GeneralExtra Books from the Book Fair

 Book Fair 

Following the success of the book fair last week, the school has been able to purchase 34 additional new books with the commission gained.   Thank you to all the parents and children who supported the fair and purchased books. 

JS - 24 November 2016 15:16 - GeneralSophia - Art Exhibition

Sophia's Art Exhibition

St James' has been working in a collaboration with Trinity Theatre and other local schools to increase the participation of West Kent children in the arts. As part of the project, the children have been finding out what art inspires them and creating their own artwork through doing an Explore Arts Award.

Sophia, Year 5, took her Arts Award to the extreme with an incredible portfolio of photographs, experimenting with different perspectives and effects. The photographs include some really stunning portraits of people and animals. Such was the quality of Sophia's artwork, that the Royal Victoria Centre invited her to exhibit her photographs in the shopping centre.

Last week Mrs Williams, Sophia's teacher last year and Art Subject Leader, Mr Stevens, Sophia's current teacher and Mr Tutt Headteacher, attended the opening of Sophia's exhibition and were all extremely impressed by Sophia's achievements in the arts at such a young age.

JS - 13 November 2016 12:30 - GeneralLots of new books

Lots of new Accelerated Reading Books - November 2016.

WOW! Mrs Simkins and I thoroughly enjoyed ‘shopping’ on behalf of all the classes for new Accelerated Reader books. Each class has been given a wide selection of books to add to their existing class libraries. We hope all the children enjoy reading them and are successful in their quizzes. Huge thanks to the PTA for the funds to purchase all these amazing new books.

Mrs Shortland
Assistant Head Teacher & Literacy Leader

JS - 10 November 2016 15:13 - GeneralSponsored Walk 2016

 Sponsored Walk October 21st 2016

The sponsored walk was a great success. The sun shone and the children sang as they walked. It was such an enjoyable morning. We raised over £8000 in donations and match funding, which will be spent on science equipment. Many thanks go to all the parents who helped on the morning and also to Sioban Adams and Bridget Radley for all their help and for organising the match funding from their employer, Fidelity. Also, thanks to Phil Booker for his match funding from his employer, Barclays.

JS - 7 November 2016 09:53 - GeneralYear 6 Robots

Year 6 Robots

Year 6 have been reading a wonderful book over the past few months called 'The Invention of Hugo Cabret' about a little boy who fixed a automaton. Linked to this on 20th November, Mr. Robot came in to demonstrate lots of automatons he had made and found over the years. We had lots of fun experimenting with them and then had the chance to design and create our own. We used Cams to create our automatons which allowed the heads to move up and down.

JS - 7 November 2016 09:05 - GeneralPort Lympne 2016

 Port Lympne 2016

We went to Po rt Lympne on the 13th October (which was a Thursday). The whole of Year 4 had to fit on one double-decker bus! When we arrived we all split up into our classes.

Firstly we went to the toilets in the shop. Next we all had our snacks and some of our drinks outside the shop (I didn’t eat my apple because it didn’t taste very nice!).

A few minutes later, we got on a Safari truck and went through the Asian and African experience. While we were on the African experience we saw some absolutely, astonishingly massive giraffes, which were as big as about 20 humans (children) stacked on top of each other! After that, we got off the Safari truck and ate our lunch.

All of Year 4 ate lunch quickly and happily played on the playground for around ten minutes. Then we walked past some monkey enclosures and also saw the gorilla palace and then we got went back to the coach. On the way back we made paper airplanes and wrote messages on them, then sent them along the coach. I was quite bored on both the coach rides, because it was a long way, but I had fun.

My day overall was exciting and I would go again, but would like it to be closer to the school.

Recount by Sam M. Year 4.


On the 13th October, the whole of year 4 went on a trip to Port Lympne.  We went there by bus and it took AGES!

When we finally got there we separated into our groups.  (I was with Mr Tutt) and we went on a safari.  We saw lots of giraffe, wildebeast, deer, rhino, zebra and lots more.  

After lunch we walked round and looked at all the monkeys, on our walk we saw apes, baboons and gorillas.

Finally we had to leave.  I had a great day.

My favourite animal was the baby zebra, as he was very small and cute. 

Hannah Year 4

JS - 6 November 2016 14:22 - General
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