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Here are the posts for October 2015

Waterstones Visit September 2015

 Waterstones Visit.

On Thursday 24th September, 6 members of year 5 went to Waterstones with Mrs Shortland and Mrs Lewis. When we got there a member of staff who worked there showed us where all the children’s books were. Then we looked for books we liked while Mrs Shortland went to get a basket. When we had found some books we liked we put them in the basket. Mrs Shortland told us to read a few pages of a book or read the blurb of the book. We were there for 2 hours. We bought lots of different kinds of books. Most of the time we bought 2 or 3 books if they were in a series. We looked for books that we don’t have or don’t have many of. We bought two books for year six called Maze Runner and Scorch Trials. We were mainly looking for books for 5O because they don’t have many books on their shelves. After we got all our books, we found out that we had bought over 50 books! Mrs Lewis calculated that we had spent over two hundred pounds! We were supposed to have them delivered to us, but we carried them back to school. We were slower walking back because the teachers were carrying the heavy books which were in boxes. When we got back to school we found out that the books were muddled up, so we sorted them out. In the end we had a great time there and we hope we get to go again.
Report by, Sooraj and Erica Year 5.

JS - 1 October 2015 13:55 - General
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