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Sports Day 2019

Sports Day 2019 - Wednesday 3rd July

Beautiful sunny morning, everyone headed up onto the field and playground to take part in the 12 activities set up: bowling, netball, hockey, obstacle course, over & under, shot putt, javelin, 5 strides, penalty shootout, bean bag throw, golf and speed bounce.  Teams were made up of each year group and in the school teams, Calverley, Dunorlan, Grove and Hilbert.  Extra points were scored for great sportsmanship.  At the end of the morning, everyone had a picnic with staff and parents ahead of the track events in the afternoon.  

Posted 12.15 on Sports Day

After a picnic lunch, with parents joining pupils on the field, the track events took place.  The sun continued to shine as parents eagerly lined the track to cheer on the competators.  The bean bag and hoop started the afternoon off, followed by the skipping races, obstacle, hurdles and egg & spoon races.  Sadly, due to lack of time, the toddlers, Mums, Dads & staff races did not take place.  The final races were the relays, which were very exciting.  Once all the races had taken place, the pupils all gathered together to hear the final scores.  Mr Tutt announced Hilbert were the winners of the Sportsmanship trophy and Grove won the Track & Field Trophy; the result was greeted by cheers and applause.  Trophies will be presented in Celebrations Assembly.

JS - 3 July 2019 11:09 - General
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