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Below are details of our latest celebration assembly.

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18 July 2019
The final celebration assembly of the year was led by Miss Johnson. 
Accelerated Reader Challenge: Arthur P, and 3H 
 Congratulations to Arthur P, in Year 3, who has again achieved the most 100% quizzes and the most words read by an individual.  The class with the highest word count is, again, 3H, with 9,388,219 words this term.  
Ballet & Music: Daisy, Year 5. 
 Congratulations to Daisy, in Year 5, who has recently gained her Grade 2 ballet award; she passed with distinction.  She has also passed her Grade 5 theory in Music, with merit.  Well done Daisy.  
Dance: Oscar P, Year 5. 
 Congratulations to Oscar P, in Year 5, who has gained a scholarship with Italia Conti Dance School; he was awarded a trophy and will be able to have some additional dance lessons. 
Golden Book: All 3H, Iris, all 3R, Sophia, Lily, Darcy H, Nachi, Ollie H, all 5Y and all Year 6. 
 Congratulations to the following, who all received Golden Awards this week.  In Year 3: all 3H, for smashing their reading this year, reading over 20 million words!  7 pupils in the class have read over a million words each:  Iris, for being a ray of sunshine in the classroom and making her teacher laugh every day and all 3R, for their amazing performances in their assembly last week.  In Year 4: Sophia, for always being kind and helpful: Lily, for her fantastic use of detail and description in her Roman eye witness account.  In Year 5: Darcy H, for her excellent effort in all her learning in Year 5: Nachi & Ollie H, for their improved concentration and learning to believe in themselves, especially in maths and all 5Y, for their amazing hard work and progress over the year.  All Year 6, for their hard work, learning lots of lines, making props and their awesome pantomine performances this week.   Carried over from last week, Molly & Kitty, both in Year 5:  Molly for her maturity in coping with her diagnosis - it hasn't stopped her doing anything!  Kitty, for developing a more positive attitude to her learning throughout Year 5.  
Gymnastics: Michael T, Year 6. 
 Many congratulations to Michael, in Year 6, who last weekend went to Italy to complete in an international gymnastics competition, the Turin Acro Cup.  Michael, with his partner, competed against 16 other teams and got through to the finals.  Michael and his partner gained the Gold Medal, with an incredible floor routine, which was shown on the big screen to the school.  He proudly showed his gold medal, and will continue his gymnastics when he goes on to secondary school in September.  
House Captains : Cadence, Emily, Nathan, Eleanor, Ollie, Zoe, Daisy & Ella 
 Congratulations to the following, who are the school House Captains for next year.  For Calverley, Cadence & Emily AB: for Dunorlan, Nathan & Eleanor T: for Grove, Ollie H & Zoe and for Hilbert, Daisy & Ella F.  
Shell Award: 5Y 
 Congratulations to 5Y, this weeks winners of the Shell Award; they will receive some additional free time at the end of the week and be able to go on the play equipment on Friday at break and lunchtime.  They will also get to eat their packed lunch on the bank on Friday.  
Sports Captains: Fran, George S, Timon, Jasmine, Theo, Esther, Kitty & Lucy. 
 Congratulations to the following, who are the Sports Captains for next year.  For Calverley, Fran & George S; for Dunorlan, Timon & Jasmine: for Grove, Theo & Esther and for Hilbert, Kitty & Lucy W.   
Taekwondo: Sam, Year 4. 
 Congratulations to Sam P, in Year 4, who has gained his green belt recently.