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Below are details of our latest celebration assembly.

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11 July 2019
Celebrations were led by Miss Hayward and began with prayers from Caitlin and Lucy.  Pupils currently in Year 2, will be joining their buddies, in Year 5, at break time. 
Accelerated Reader Challenge: Arthur P, Year 3 and 3H 
 Congratulations to Arthur P, in Year 3, who has read the most words this term - 1,376,404, he has also completed the most quizzes, gaining 100% - well done Arthur!  3H are still in the lead for the most words read by a class with 8,895,130 words.   
Ballet: Emily M, Year 4 
 Congratulations to Emily M, in Year 4, who has recently gained her Grade 2 ballet exam, with merit.  She had to perform three choreographed dances and will now carry on to the next grade.  
Games Club: Ava, Year 5. 
 Recently Ava, in Year 5, attended a 'Games Club' where they played a game called 'Zombies v Humans!  They all splattered each other in paint!!  Ava, was the second to last person to be caught - well done Ava, who said she had a great time.   
Golden Book: Harry P, Oscar B, Eli D, Madeleine, Zain, Alfie, Oguzhan, Oscar P, Monty, All 6S & Grace. 
 Many congratulations to the following, who have all received Golden Awards this week.  In Year 3: Harry P, for his incredible description of a dinosaur: Oscar B, for taking on a much more mature attitude to his learning & producing lovely writing and Eli, for improving his presentation immensely this year!  In Year 4: Madeleine, for always working hard to produce her best writing: Zain & Alfie B, for their very good draft of writing an explanation text and Oguzhan, for his great attitude to learning and a super polite member of the class.  In Year 5: Oscar P, for excellent class work and being supportive to others.  In Year 6: Monty, for making great progress in English this year and for approaching term 6 with a more mature attitude:  Grace, for her amazing work and progress in Year 6 this year - particularly impressive with her efforts towards the Year 6 panto, taking a lead role and learning all her lines.  Finally, all 6S, for their amazing reading this year; as a class they have read 37.7 million words and have 12 millionaires in the class.  Improvement in their writing reflects the amount of reading they have achieved.     
Netball High Fives: Tippi, Alohi, Grace, Henry, AJ, Ella, Jonas & Bea.  
 Many congratulations to Tippi, Alohi, Grace, Henry, AJ, Ella, Jonas & Bea, all Year 6, who last week travelled to Gillingham to complete in the Kent Netball High Five Tournament.  All the winning schools from the regions in Kent took part.  On arrival the teams were split into groups and all played each other in the groups.  St. James team won all their matches and finished top of their group.  They then played against the top teams from the other groups and, up to the last game, won all their matches, however, in the final game, which was very close, they lost.  The final result meant they finished in second place - runners-up in Kent.  Miss Gibson,  stated she was 'very proud of their achievement'. 
Pink Netball for Player of the Tournament: Ella. 
 Congratulations to Ella, in Year 6, who was presented with a pink netball, Player of the Tournament, for showing the most consistency and hard work in the high five tournaments.   
Shell Award: 5W 
 Congratulations to 5W, this weeks winners of the Shell Award, they will receive some additional free time at the end of the week and be able to go on the play equipment at break and lunchtime on Friday.   
Sports Day Trophies : Hilbert & Grove 
 As all Year 6 were on a transition day last Thursday, the trophies for Sports Day were not presented in the last celebration assembly.  The house captains for Hilbert, Ollie W and Saranna, accepted the trophy for 'Best Sportsmanship'.  The totals from the mornings field events and the afternoons track events were all added together and the winners were Grove, Alex and Sophia, house captains for Grove, accepted the trophy.   
Swimming : Daniel and Mahlia 
 Congratulations to Daniel and Mahlia, both in Year 3, who have both gained swimming awards.  Daniel has gained his Bronze Award, he had to swim 400m backstroke & front crawl and Mahlia, who has gained her Rainbow Distance 25m Award.