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Below are details of our latest celebration assembly.

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06 June 2019
Celebrations were led by Miss Johnson and began with prayers from Fran & Oliver in Year 5.
Accelerated Reader Challenge: Sam M, Arthur & 3H 
 Congratulations to Sam M, in Year 6, who has read the most words by an individual, 1,395,609: Arthur, in Year 3, who has completed the most quizzes, 30, with 100% and 3H, who have, read the most words by a class, 5,516,006.  
Badminton: Kavin, Year 4.  
 Many congratulations to Kavin, in Year 4, who took part in a south of England badminton tournament at the weekend in Swindon.  He completed in the U11's and won the singles.  He now plays for Kent and has recently gained a sponsorship, which provides him with kit and equipment.  Kavin plays 6 times a week and loves his badminton.  
Ballet: Darcey & Saskia, both in Year 4 
 Many congratulations to Darcey and Saskia, both in Year 4, who have both gained level 1 Ballet; they both passed with merit and great comments.  
Golden Book: Athena, Lochlan, Jada, Skye, Cerys, Emma D, All 5W, All 5S, All 5Y, Cecily, Cohen & Freddie. 
 Congratulations to the following, who all received Golden Awards this week.   In Year 3: Athena, for an amazing start to the term - keep working hard: Lochlan, for fantastic  independent work on his maths reasoning this week & Jada, for superb attitude in her maths learning.  In Year 4: Skye for being a kind and thoughtful member of 4H: Cerys, for her fantastic use of figurative language in her writing & Emma D, for an excellent piece of descriptive writing.  In Year 5: all 5W, for their amazing attitude and behaviour during swimming this week, great ambassadors: all 5S, for superstar learning and welcoming spirit towards a supply teacher, again great ambassadors and all 5Y, for excellent effort in fundraising for Grace, Nina's sister; cakes sold out and raised nearly £300 in 15 minutes.  In Year 6: Cecily, for making fantastic progress in her reading: Cohen, for his fantastic writing & Fred, for an amazing start to the term and improved attitude towards his learning.  
Handball: 3 Teams  
On Tuesday 4th June the Handball team went to St Greggs, we were called the Jaguars.  In our first game we played St Matthews and won 3-1, in the second game we won 1-0 against St Johns B team and last of all we won 3-0; that meant we were in the semi-finals.  We played our other St James’ team penalties were given and missed, but in the end Ollie scored the winner.  We were in the final v St Johns A and they were really good, in the end we lost 4-1; Omari scored a great goal. Thank you for Mr Hodges for coaching us and all the parents for supporting us, we had a great time.   Team: Ollie, Omari, Alfie, Stella & Emily F.   Report by Omari & Alfie. 
On Tuesday the 4th June St James B Handball team went to play a tournament at St Greggs.  The first match was against St Mathews, after a tough battle and good goals from Will and Nathan we lost 6-3.  Next we played St Johns, they had a very tall team and they were very good, but sadly even after Joshua and Cecily’s good defending we lost 8-4.  Then we had to play against St James C, after Nathan scored in the first few minutes they managed to scrape it back to win 3-1 and we had lost.  We found out we had not made it through to the semi-finals, but our other two teams had got through.  Thank you to Mr. Hodges for organising it and the parents for supporting us.  We all had a wet, but great time. Also thank you to Lawrence for bringing his umbrella!  Team: Nathan, Josh, William, Max, Evie & Cecily.  Report by: Nathan & Josh.
On 4th June, St James Handball teams went to St Greggs to play in a tournament.  Our 1st match was against St John’s A team, they won 4-1.  In our next game, against St Matthews, we played exceptionally well, Jack threw the ball up the pitch to either Zach or Gabe, who would then score.  The end result was 5-0 to us.  Next we had to play one of the other St. James’ teams, we played well and won 4-3.  We were through to the semi’s.  In the semi-final, we had to play the other St. James team.  We played well, but in the end lost 1-0.  The result took them through to the finals.  For 3rd & 4th place, we played St. Johns B.  We got 3 solid goals, but gave away 3 fouls and they scored on all 3.  The result meant we finished in joint 3rd place.  Thank you to Mr Hodges for coaching us, we all had a great time.  Team: Zach, Jack M, Gabe, Edie and Kea.  Report by Zach, Jack and Gabe. 
Judo: Callum, Year 5 and Cory, Year 4. 
 Congratulations to both Callum, Year 5 & Cory, in Year 4, who have both gained their red belts at judo.   
Race for Life: Iris, Year 3. 
 Congratulations to Iris, in Year 3, who took part in the Race for Life at the weekend, she ran with her Dad and had a good time.  She proudly showed her medal, for completing the run.  
Shell Award: 6T 
 Congratulations to 6T, this weeks winners of the Shell Award; they won by the narrowest of margins, just one 'shell'.  They gain extra free-time at the end of the week and will be able to go on the play equipment at break and lunchtime on Friday.  
Swimming : Michael & Amelie, both Year 3  
 Congratulations to Michael and Amelie, both in Year 3, who have gained swimming awards recently.  Michael has gained his Learn to Swim level 2 and Amelie has gained Learn to Swim level 4.  They both proudly showed their certificates.