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Below are details of our latest celebration assembly.

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13 March 2019
Celebrations were led by Mr Tutt on Wednesday this week, as the whole school is celebrating International Language Day on Thursday.
Football B Team: v Southborough 
On Thursday the 28th of February 2019, St James Football B team played a match against Southborough B team.  At the start of the game we all attacked and defended well, at half time the score was 0-0.  After the break our super striker Joe came on, it was his first game and with his first touch of the ball, he scored a goal! It was 1-0 to St James.  We worked harder after the goal and by the final whistle the score was 1-0.  We had won. Thank you to Mr Hodges for coaching us and the parents for supporting us, we had a fabulous time.  Team: Joe, Alex, Sam, Zoruv, William C, Logan, Dan, Max, William H & Theo.  Report by, William, Sam, Alex and Zoruv.

Golden Book: Neha, Marina, Oscar W, Madeleine, Lia, Dylan, Timon, Daisy, Byron, James P, Hannah & Musfir. 
 Congratulations to the following, who all received Golden Awards this week.  In Year 3, Neha, for her amazing recount of our school trip - producing lots of beautiful writing: Marina, for writing a lovely recount about our trip and generally being a brilliant member of 3P: Oscar W, for being an amazing independent learner this week - well done!  In Year 4: Madeleine, for always working hard to present her work well, taking great care with her presentation: Lia, for her excellent work in reasoning in maths this week and Dylan, for his great improvement in swimming.  In Year 5: Timon, for always trying his best and being a kind and thoughtful member of the class and always setting high standards for himself: Daisy, for her growing maturity and fabulous attitude to work and improving her writing skills and Byron, for his descriptive story, full of great vocabulary.  In Year 6: James P, for a fantastic, focused attitude this week - excellent teamwork during science day and an amazing newspaper article: Hannah, for always producing detailed and beautiful work of a very high standard and Musfir, for his enthusiasm and hard work within swimming lessons.   
Hockey: Eva, Tiella, Oliver P, Rory, Bella & Eddie - Year 3/4 
 On Monday 4th March, Eva, Tiella, Oliver P, Rory, Bella & Eddie, all Year 3&4, played in a hockey tournament.  We played against St. Johns and won, then we played Claremeont B, we lost 2-5.  Against Bishops Down A, the final score was 0-0, St. Peters - the final score was 8-0 to us & against St. Barnabus, the final score was 2-1 to us.  Overall we finished in 9th place,  We think Claremont won, but we're not sure!  Rory, shot lots of goals, so did Oliver, but we all played well and had a great time.  Many thanks to Mrs Waller for driving us there, Mr Hodges and the parents for supporting us, we had a cold, but great time.  Mr Hodges reported, they had all played erally well and been great sports.  Team: Eva, Tiella, Oliver P, Rory, Bella & Eddie.  Report by Tiella & Eva.  
Netball A Team: V Paddock Wood & Claremont 
 On Tuesday 5th March, the Netball A Team went to SKA to play two netball matches.  The first match was against Paddock Wood, they took the first center pass.  The final score was 13-0 to St. James.  The second match was against Claremont.  The final score was again, 13-0 to St. James.  Thank you to Miss Gibson for coaching us and to the parents for supporting us.  We all had an amazing time.  Team: AJ, Henry, Emily, Tippi-Rose, Ella, Bea & Alohi.   
Running: Darcey, Year 4 
 Congratulations to Darcey, in Year 4, who took part in a 2.5 mile run on Sunday, she finished 210 out of 15,000 runners!  Well done Darcey.  She gained a medal, which she showed to everyone. 
Shell Award: 4S 
 Congratulations to 4S, this weeks clear winners of the Shell Award.  They will receive some additional free time at the end of the week and be able to go on the play equipment at break and lunchtime on Friday - weather permitting.  All Year 4, will be able to go on the bank on Friday at break and lunchtime. 
Swimming : Kathryn, Year 3 
 Congratulations to Kathryn, in Year 3, who has recently completed her Learn to Swim, Stage 6.  She had to swim 25m in front crawl, back stroke and breaststroke.  She is now aiming for Stage 7.