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Below are details of our latest celebration assembly.

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07 February 2019
Celebrations were led by Mr Tutt and began with prayers from Jacob & Isabelle in 5W.
Football A Team: St James A Team v Southborough 
 On Wednesday 6th February 2019, St. James Football A Team played against Southborough, at Southborough.  We started off with a few shots on target, but no goals.  With only five minutes to go to half time, Southborough scored an amazing goal.  The score at half time was 0-1.  After a team talk, we went back out and battled even harder; finally we got a goal from Alfie L.  Shortly after Jonathan threw the ball up the pitch to Oliver W, he kept the ball on the pitch and shot the ball, hitting one of the Southborough players before going into the net for an own goal. In the last minutes of the game, Southborough managed to get another goal.  The whistle blew and the final score was 2-2.  Thank you to Mr Hodges for coaching us and to all the parents who came and supported us.  We all had a great time.  Team: Zach, Jack M, Gabe, Ollie H, Ollie W, Omari, Alfie L, Alfie S & Jonathan.  Report by: Zach & Jack.  Mr Hodges reported it had been a good game, on a very muddy pitch.   
Golden Book: Eddie, Elliott, Tristan, Iris, Sophie, Lois, Khushal, Esme, James, Alex, Kea & Mo. 
 Congratulations to the following, who all received Golden Awards this week.  In Year 3: Eddie, for an amazing improvement with his handwriting and presentation: Elliott, for always trying his very best, and  Tristan, for always giving great ideas with his partner in class discussions; also for his fabulous silhouette.  In Year 4: Iris, for her enthusiasm and the kindness she brings to her class every day and for always smiling: Sophie, for always putting in extra effort with her homework,  and Lois, for a really positive attitude in maths, gaining in confidence and making good progress.  In Year 5: Khushal, for his excellent work across all subjects and being a very supportive talk partner. and James, for his improved writing stamina and engagement with his learning.  In Year 6: Alex, for his hardworking attitude and always sharing his ideas and knowledge: Kea, for her enthusiasm, always challenging herself and a lovely member of the class, and Mo, for always being ready to learn and being helpful around the class, putting 100% into everything he does.  
Gymnastics: Michael T, Year 6. 
 Congratulations to Michael, in Year 6, who traveled to Bristol to take part in a gymnastics competition at the weekend; they competed in the 11-16 years age group.  With his partner, they finished in first place; after completing various balance moves.  
Irish Dancing: Niamh, Year 5 
 Many congratulations to Niamh, in Year 5, who competed in an Irish Dancing competition at the weekend.  She gained a 2nd, 2 x 4th and a 5th place and overall finished in third place; approximately 30 others were in her catagory.  She received a trophy for second place, and one for finishing in third overall, she gained medals for 4th & 5th places - a fantastic achievement. 
Shell Award: 3R 
 Congratulations to 3R, this weeks winners of the Shell Award.  The final result was again very close this week, with only 1 'Shell' between 2nd and 3rd place and 3R only having 1 more 'Shell' than the class in second place.  The winners will be able to go on the play equipment on Friday at break and lunchtime, weather permitting, and all Year 3 will be able to go on the bank on Friday.