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Below are details of our latest celebration assembly.

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29 November 2018
Celebrations were led by Mr Tutt, with prayers from Ziva & Marie, both in 3H.  There was lots to celebrate.
Accelerated Reader Challenge: 6T, Eva G, Year 4 & Eleanor T, Year 5 
 Congratulations to 6T, who have maintained their lead at the top of the Word Count, with an amazing 12,302,670 words read so far this term.  Eleanor T, in Year 5, has read the most words, an amazing 3,705,171 words and Eva G, in Year 4, has completed an incredible 66 quizzes, achieving 100% in them all.  
Active 30: Caitlin Keelan, Ben, Charis, Ava, Ziva, Ashan, Holly, Theresa & Dylan. 
 On Thursday 22nd November, 10 children, Caitlin Keelan, Ben, Charis, Ava, Ziva, Ashan, Holly, Theresa & Dylan, from Years 3 & 4, went to the Active 30 Festival at Putlands Leisure Centre.  We played a giant game of rock paper scissors against Speldhurst School.  We also made smoothy by using smoothy bikes.  The fire service came and did some fitness training with us, Mrs Piper did it too, but went home and couldn't walk for 2 days!!   Thank you to Mrs Piper for supporting us and to Mrs Simkins for driving us.  We all had a wonderful time.  Report by Caitlin.  
Football B Team: William C, William H, Daniel H, Theo, Max, Sam, Alex, Zoruv & Logan. 
 On Wednesday the 19th of November 2018, the Football B team played a football match against St Augustine’s.  We started off strong and after the first two minutes Max had scored twice; for the rest of the first half no-one scored which meant the score was 2-0 to us at half time. In the second half we played extraordinarily well, with Zoruv, Alex, and Theo scoring 1 goal each. The final score was 5-0 to us.  Thank you Mr Hodges for coaching us and the parents for supporting us we had a great time.    Team: William C, William H, Daniel, Theo, Max, Sam, Alex, Zoruv & Logan.  Report by: William C, Alex, Sam & Zoruv. 
Football Year 4.: Cory, Jenson, Hardy, Ozi, Rory, Sophie, Alex, Harry H & Harry N. 
 On Friday 16th November, the Year 4 Football Team went to St. Greggs to play their debut match against Speldhurst.  Speldhurst were a good team and it was an exciting and intense game, the final score was 3-0 to St. James'. The whole team played really well.  Alex scored 2 goals and Jenson scored the other.  We all had a fun time.  Thank you to Mr Roberts for organising and coaching us.  Team: Cory, Jenson, Hardy, Ozi, Rory, Sophie Alex, Harry H & Harry N.  Report by: Alex, Ozi & Sophie. 
Golden Book: Marie B, Finlay M, Eva S, Nancy G, Leah S, Jack G, Emily Y, Razia R, Brron R, William H, Olive R, Evie K & Max B. 
 Congratulations to the following who all received Golden Awards this week and were presented with their certificates by Mr Tutt and Miss Hayward.  In Year 3: Marie B, for a lovely story about a dinosaur in science this week: Finlay M, for putting in so much effort to his handwriting and general attitude to learning and Eva S, for great contributions and enthusiasm to class discussions.  In Year 4: Nancy G, for learning her Christmas play script so quickly: Leah S, for working incredibly hard learning her tables and her improvement in maths overall and Jack G, for his enthusiasm in science.  In Year 5: Emily Y, for increased effort in all her lessons: Razia R, for her excellent determination to learn, asking questions and listening well and Byron for managing his distractions and trying hard in his maths, english and reading.  In Year 6: William H, for an improved attitude towards his learning and for being polite, kind and helpful: Olive, for being an amazing 'talk partner' this week, as well as 'always' being a hard worker and super class member with lovely manners and Evie, for 'always' persevering ni class and being extremely helpful to the younger children in construction club.  Carried over from last week, Max B in Year 4: for his enthusiasm in science.  
Mischief Makers - Summer Reading Challenge: Ashley & Evie, both Year 3 
 Congratulations to both Ashley and Evie, in Year 3, who both successfully took part in the Reading Agency and Library Mischief Makers reading challenge; they both read more than 6 books each and enjoyed their reading.  
Netball A v Bishops Down & Southborough: Tippi, Henry, Grace, Bea, Alohi, Edie & Jonas 
 On Tuesday 27th November, St James' Netball A team played 2 matches at SKA.  Our first match was against Bishops Down, despite the cold and wet conditions, Grace & Tippi shot some great goals.  The final score was 14-2 to us.  Our second match was against Southborough, it was cold and now raining hard! The final score was 17-0 to us.  Thank you to Miss Gibson for coaching us, and to Mrs Simkins for driving us there.  Team: Tippi, Henry, Grace, Bea, Alohi, Edie & Jonas.  Report by Tippi 
Netball A v Mascalls Year 7 team: Tippi, Henry, Grace, Bea, Alohi, Edie & Jonas 
 On Monday 26th of November St. James Junior A team played against Mascalls Year 7 team. We played 4 quarters, each 8 minutes long.  At the end of the first quarter, we were in the lead, thanks to some amazing shooting from Tippi & Grace.  In the second quarter Mascalls where beginning to understand how we played, they stepped up their game and made the scores even closer, but we were still in the lead.  We continued to play well and kept scoring, but they were also scoring.  The final score was 16-10 to us.  Mascalls chose Bea as ‘Player of the Match.  Thank you for Miss Gibson for coaching us and Mrs Simkins for driving us there we all enjoyed the challenge of playing a Year 7 team.  Team: Tippi, Henry, Grace, Bea, Alohi, Edie and Jonas.  Report by Tippi. 
Netball A v Stocks Green: Edie, Ella, Grace, Tippi, Bea, Henry & Jonas 
 On Wednesday 21st November, the Netball A team went to Stokes Green to play a netball high 5's match against their A team.  In the first quarter Tippi and Henry scored lots of goals; in the second quarter Ella & Bea were shooting and both scored goals.  Edie & Jonas also both scored goals in the following quarters.  Our defense was really good and didn't let in a single goal.  The final score was 11-0 to us and Tippi was chosen as 'Player of the Match' Thank you to Miss Gibson for coaching us and the parents for driving us there and staying to support us, we all had a wonderful time.  Team: Edie, Ella, Grace, Tippi, Bea, Henry & Jonas.  Report by Ella & Edie 
Netball B Team v Stocks Green: Bella, Emily R, Emily F, Alohi, AJ, Stella, Logan & Cecily. 
 On Wednesday the 20.11.18 St. James Netball B team played Stocks Green. They took the first center pass but AJ intercepted it and Alohi scored an amazing goal.  Then Emily R and Alohi were off and the rest played well, we scored a few more goals even though we were out of our usual positions. Their defence was good but we managed to make the final score 18-1 to us.  Alohi was chosen as ‘Player of the Match’ We all played really well and enjoyed ourselves.   Thank you for Miss Gibson for coaching us, the parents for driving and supporting us, we all had a fabulous time.   
Netball B v Claremont & St. Augustines.: AJ, Felix, Emily R, Emily F, Emily Y, Isla & Nathan. 
 On the Tuesday 27th November 2018, the Netball B team played two matches at SKA.   The first match was against Claremont A; we started well, Aj and Felix passing up the wings, with Stella our center, passing it into Emily R, who took a shot and got our first goal.  We kept playing well and by the end it was 4-1 to us.  Then after waiting for half an hour we played St Augustine’s A team.  It was a tough match, the ball was going back and forth but by the end it was 1– 0 to us.  Thank you to Miss Gibson for coaching us and to Mrs Simkins for driving us there, we all had a wet, but great time.  Team: AJ, Felix, Emily R, Emily F, Emily Y, Isla & Nathan.  Report by Felix & AJ. 
Primary Maths Challenge: Richard K, Sam M, Alexander G, Henry T, Alexander M, Max M, Grace, Kea, Bella & Sophia. 
 Congratulations to the following who all took part in the Primary Maths Challenge 2018, they all did exceptionally well with some very challenging maths problems.  Richard K, gained the highest score and will hopefully go through to the next round, he only missed out on 3 questions, he gained a Gold Award.  Sam, Alex G & Henry all gained Silver Award.  Alex M, Grace, Kea & Max all gained Bronze.  Kea & Bella missed out on bronze by 1 mark.   
Shell Award: 3P 
 Congratulations to 3P, this weeks winners of the Shell Award, they gained lots of 'Shells' and were clear winners - well done.  They will receive some additional free time at the end of the week and be able to go on the play equipment at break and lunchtime on Friday; weather permitting, all year 3 will be able to go on the bank at break and lunchtime on Friday.  
Swimming : Petar, Year 3 
 Congratulations to Petar, in Year 3, who has gained his Learn to Swim Level 4; he had to demonstrate some strokes, do some sculling and a log roll.