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Below are details of our latest celebration assembly.

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08 November 2018
Celebrations began with music from the flute group, Cecily, Saranna, Bethan, Lia, Finlay, Lily, Eva G, Cerys & Vikashne.  Assembly was led by Miss Hayward and prayers were led by 4H, Nancy & Phoebe.
Accelerated Reader Challenge: 6T & Eva G, Year 5 
 Miss Stock announced that she will be reporting the class with the highest word count and the child who has the most 100% quizzes each week.  On the top corridor there is a display, which will be updated each week, to show the word count for each class and also which children have completed the most quizzes and gained 100%.  This week, the class with the highest word count is 6T, with 8,192,782 and Eva G, in Year 5, has completed and gained 100%, the most quizzes. 
Cross Country: Lots of pupils across the school. 
 On the 7th of November 2018, St James’ Cross Country team went to the Tunbridge Wells Rugby Club to race against lots of other local schools in the second race of the season. The first race was the years 3 and 4 girls, where everyone did really well, especially Nancy and Isla who came 5th and 8th.  Next was the year 3 and 4 boy’s race where Rory came 50th and Billy came 54th.  One of the final races was the year 5 and 6 girls where Flo came 8th and Ella came 11th ,finally was the year 5 and 6 race where Felix came 13th and Theo came 32nd. Thank you to Mr Hodges for coaching us and the parents for supporting us we all had a muddy great time!  Report by: Felix, Flo & Dan. 
Hockey: Riyad, Loch & Eddie, all Year 3. 
 Congratulations to Riyad, Loch & Eddie, all Year 3, who all play hockey for a club in Crowborough.  They play in the U10's, so are playing against other children who are a couple of years older than them, they have recently taken part in a tournament and did very well.  
Netball A Team: Tippi, Grace, Edie, Henry, Jonas, Bea & Ella. 
 On Tuesday the 6th November the Netball A team had 2 matches against Bidbrough and St James’ B team.  The first match was against Bidbrough.  We flipped a coin and won, we chose to take first centre pass. Miss Gibson blew her whistle, Bea made an amazing pass to Henry who got it into the circle, Tippi shot and scored a goal for us.  Ella and Edie were amazing in defence.  Jonas made an amazing jump to pass once again to Edie who passes it to Bea who did an amazing bounce pass to Grace who scored.  We carried on playing well and at the end of the match we won 18 /1.  Our second match was against St James B team; Tippi and Grace scored some epic goals.  At half time was 6/1  to us.  We played again Bea, Henry and Tippi did amazingly and scored another 5 goals, at the end it was 11/1 to St James A team.  Thank you to Miss Gibson for coaching us, and to Mrs Simkins for driving us there we all had a great time.  Team: Tippi, Grace, Edie, Henry, Jonas, Bea & Ella.   
Netball B Team: Bella, Emily R, Emily F, Alohi, AJ, Stella, Logan & Cecily. 

On Tuesday the 6th of November, the Netball B Team went to SKA to play some matches.  The first match we played was against St. Marks and the first center pass was taken by Stella and an immediate amazing goal was scored by Emily R. It was 1-0.  Alohi, Logan and Cecily, our fantastic defence, didn’t let in a single goal.  At half time Stella was replaced by Bella who played just as well in the second half.  We managed to keep it up and by the end it was 13-0 to us.  The next match we played against St. James A.  Unfortunately we only managed to score 1 goal.  Our defence managed to slow them down while our attackers tried furiously to gain a goal.  It was tough, as they played really well.  In the end we lost 11-1, but we had played really well, sadly not good enough.  Our last match was again really good, both Emily’s scored some smashing goals.  Everyone played amazingly and got the ball down to the goal many times.  Our brilliant defenders Logan, Alohi and Cecily stopped any goals from going in.  It was a brilliant game and we all played well and scored lots of brilliant goals.  By the end of the match we won by an amazing 14-0 to us.  We ended all our matches well with the three cheers.  Thank you to Mrs Simkins and Mrs Gilman for driving us there, Miss Gibson for coaching us and the parents for supporting us. We had a great time and we all played really well.  Team: Bella, Emily R, Emily F, Alohi, AJ, Cecily, Stella and Logan.

Shell Award: 6T 
 Congratulations to 6T, this weeks winners of the Shell Award; it was very close between two classes this week.  All Year 6 will be able to go on the bank at break and lunchtime on Friday, weather permitting and 6T will be able to go on the play equipment and have some additional free time. 
Swimming : Oliver J, Year 5. 
 Congratulations to Oliver J, in Year 5, who has gained his Level 5 Award; he completed a forward roll in the water and did some sculling, he is now working towards his next award.