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Below are details of our latest celebration assembly.

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10 May 2018
Celebrations were led by Mr Tutt, prayers, at the end of assembly were led by Nancy M & Hardy from 3S.
Basketball: Bianca, Year 6. 
 Many congratulations to Bianca, in Year 6, who has recently taken part in basketball trails; she has been selected to play for both Kent and the South East U11's. 
Charity Work: Jacob S, Year 4 
 Congratulations to Jacob S, in Year 4, who have been studying rain forests, he researched a bird called the Cassowary; he's really interested in the Cassowary, as when he and his family went to Australia he was lucky enough to see one in the wild, in the Daintree rain forest. The Cassowary is related to the ostritch; grows as tall as a man and has a blue head and black body.  The Daintree rain forest is the oldest in the world, 120 million years old, the Amazon rain forest is 50 million years old.  The Cassowary is very important because it is the only animal that can carry the large seeds from 70 species of tree, but the bird is endangered and there are only 1000 left.  Jacob wanted to do something to help, so found a charity that supports the Cassowary and decided to raise funds for it, he made cupcakes and lemonade and sold them on a stall and, with his mum, set up a just giving page and so far has raised an amazing £225 for the charity.   
Football A Team: Evan, Isaac, Corey, Lenny, Ethan, Joe, Zak, Ollie & Max 
 On Thursday 3rd May, St. James football team played against Pembury.  Firstly, Evan chipped the goalkeeper from a great pass from Max to make the score 1-0 to us.  For the second goal, Zak smashed it past the keeper to make the score 2-0.  The third goal was scored by Joe and he struck the ball again past the keeper.  We missed quite a few chances but then managed to score again through Ollie's amazing dribbling and then scored from a tough angle.  After that, Ethan put the ball through the keepers legs from a good pass from Ollie.  We all had a great time and thank you to Mr Hodges for coaching us and to the parents for supporting us. Team: Evan, Isaac, Corey, Lenny, Ethan, Joe, Zak, Ollie & Max.  Report by Evan.   
Golden Awards: David B, Imogen L, Amelia H, Dylan M, Jacob S, Sam M, Alexander B, Bella G, Dennis S, Zak H & Isaac P. 
 Congratulations to the following, who all gained Golden Awards this week.  In Year 3: David B, for amazing independent English learning: Imogen L, for being a lovely, kind, conscientious member of the class and Amelia H. for 'always' putting 100% into her learning.  In Year 4: Dylan M, for his enthusiasm in improving his learning, especially his reading and Jacob S, for great answers in science.  In Year 5: Sam M, for an incredible piece of descriptive writing about the witches!  Alexander B, for improved concentrations and quality of work and Bella, for 'always' trying her hardest in everything and being a thoughtful member of the class.  In Year 6: Dennis, for 'always' joining in enthusiastically, especially in maths and science: Zak, for having a great week, working hard, contributing to class discussions and great behaviour and Isaac, for amazing contributions in class science lessions. 
Netball B Team: Emily M, Emily F, Erin, Tippi-Rose, Sarah, Joshua, Cory & Esme. 
 The Netball B team also played against Paddock Wood, at half time Paddock Wood were leading 3-0, but in the second half St. James played really well and went on to win 4-3. 
Netball, Year 5 Team: Grace, Logan, Henry, Bea, Cecily, Alohi, Bella & Ella. 
 The Year 5 Netball team played 2 matches against Paddock Wood; the first match they won 5-0 and the second match they won 5-1.  They all had a good time and really enjoyed the matches.  
Shell Award: 4S 
 Congratulations to 4S, this weeks winners of the Shell Award, they will receive some additional free time at the end of the week and be able to go on the play equipment on Friday at break and lunchtime.  All Year 4 will be able to go on the bank on Friday.