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Below are details of our latest celebration assembly.

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29 March 2018
The last Celebration Assembly of the year was led by Mr Tutt and began with prayers from Fran & Elliot in Year 4.  The Year 6 librarians and girls who tidy the book shelves were all thanked for all the time they give to keeping the library tidy and the book shelves in order.  Flo, Grace & Tippi-Rose, all in Year 5, were also thanked for ensuring all the play equipment is put out, and collected in, every day, for everyone to enjoy.  
Able Writers Years 3 & 4.: Vikashne, Finaly, Zavier, Eliza, Jazmin, Maddie, Martha, Bethan, Zoe, Joseph, Jacob and Alicia. 

On the 21st March 2018 the year 3 and 4 writers went to Saint Barnabus School for an Able Writers day.  The children who went were: Vikashne, Finaly, Zavier, Eliza, Jazmin, Maddie, Martha, Bethan, Zoe, Joseph, Jacob and Alicia. We leant a song called  “Winston and the wolves ,” by Rob Parkinson.  After that we sat down at our tables and started to write about an imaginary monster and describe it in three ways. We got off to a good start, then we played a fun game. Different schools had to partner up and describe a person to link to their partner’s chosen animal. This was great fun and we made up funny and scary creatures.  Then it was break, and we went outside into an unfamiliar playground. Soon we had to go back inside to see Rob Parkinson (our leader in Able Writers’ Day). He sung different songs to us and we joined in enthusiastically.  We went back to our tables to write a poem about our family relating to an animal. This was great fun.  It was soon lunch time and we walked to the Library to eat our lunch. We got our books signed and had two or three minutes outside in the playground. We went back into the hall to learn list poems. This is when you write lists of impossible or possible things. We got our inspiration from a poem by Rob Parkinson called Impossible Possibles.  You might think this is a silly name, but this is what it means. It is impossible to actually do it, but it is possible to imagine it, like “First, bottle up the jet black shine of an eager dog’s nose.” Imagine doing that!  We got to read out our poems to music and beats. Sadly it was time to go back to school.  Thank you to Mrs Jarvis and also to Mrs Moriarty and Mrs Simms for taking us there, and to Rob Parkinson for leading us. 

A poem, by Jospeh, was read out and the rest of the school had to try and guess who the poem was about; it was one of the infant teachers.

Angel Fish Swimming Award: Jemima, Year 5 
 Congratulations to Jemima, in Year 5, who has gained Angel Fish 2 Swimming Award, Level 7.  She had to show entry to the pool, different strokes and also show lifesaving skills. 
Cross Country: Isla, Nancy, Fran, Kitty, Charlotte, Timon, Theo, William, Flo, Bella, Ella, Joe, Dan, Felix and Ollie 
 In lots of slippery mud St. James Cross Country Team went to Hever to run a race.  In the year 3 and 4 girls race Isla came 10th Nancy came 11th Fran came 16th Kitty came 15th and Charlotte came 13th.   In the year 3 and 4 boys race Timon came 23rd, Theo came 29 and William came 36th.  In the year 5/6 girls race Flo came 13th Ella came 18th and Bella came 23rd.  In the years 5 and 6 boys race Felix came 15th Joe came 13th Dan came 25th and Ollie came 11th.  Thank you to Mr Hodges and the parents for supporting us. We all had a very muddy time!  Mr Hodges reported that this was the last race of the season, due to the weather only 4 of the 6 scheduled races took place; Hever was very, very muddy and difficult to run in.  Team: Isla, Nancy, Fran, Kitty, Charlotte, Timon, Theo, William, Flo, Bella, Ella, Joe, Dan, Felix and Ollie.  Report by, Ella, Bella & Flo. 
Football West Kent U11's: Evan, Year 6. 
 Congratulations to Evan, Year 6, who plays football for West Kent, he played in the U11 final against Shepway, but his team lost the match 2-1 and so were runners-up.  He received a runners-up medal.  
Golden Awards: James L, Romaisa, Charlie H, All 4W, Joe M, Emily Y, Jack M, Vincent, Emily R, Imogen T, Cerys & Hannah M. 
 Congratulations to the following, who all received Golden Awards this week.  In Year 3: James L, for working so hard and persevering with spellings and using a dictionary - well done:  Romaisa, for working very hard on her handwriting and producing beautiful work and Charlie H, for his hard work on his handwriting this term, adding lots more detail.  In Year 4: All 4W, for their incredibly kind and supportive behaviour towards each other:  Joe M, for his improved focus in class and making good progress and Emily Y, for being a lovely friendly hard working member of the class.  In Year 5: Jack M, for much better focus this week: Vincent, for excellent understanding of the need for a balanced diet and Emily R, for her hard work and thoughtful ideas during reading lessons; contributing more.  In Year 6: Imogen T, for working really hard on her story writing, a strong reader and this is now reflecting in her writing: Cerys, for being a fabulous mathematician and always being happy to help others and Hannah M, for really focussing on her writing and taking on board advice - it has paid off! 
Gymnastics Awards: Molly, Year 4 & Kea, Year 5. 
 Congratulations to Molly, in Year 4, who has gained her Silver Award, hand held skills in gymnastic proficiency, she had to demonstrate moves with skipping ropes, hoops and ribbons.  Kea, in Year 5, has gained Level 2 and had to show cart wheels, head stands etc.  
Hockey : A and B Teams 
 On Monday 26th March 2018 the Hockey A team went to Tonbridge School to play a Hockey Tournament.  The first the game we played was against St. Mathews B, the score was 0-0. Secondly we played St. Peters and we won 5-0, then next played Bishops down and we won 3-0.  Lastly we played Rusthall and we won 6-0.  We then found out that we went through to the quarter finals, but sadly we lost our first match we played; it was against Claremont, they won 2-0.  Thank you to Mrs. Payne for coaching and Mrs. Waller and Mr. Hodges for driving us there.  We all had a great time.  The B Team also played, they won 3 matches and lost one and so got through to the quarter finals, were they lost to Claremont.  A Team report by Joshua & Ben. 
Miss Snell - leaving the school:  
 After 5 terms at the school, in which she has led the fantastic choir and coached the netball teams, Miss Snell is moving house and changing jobs; the school will miss her, but wish her well in her new adventures. She was presented with a bouquet of flowers.  However, before she was able to leave, Mr Tutt set her a 'leaving challenge'!  Members of the choir played the cup song on plastic cups and Miss Snell had to sing the words, while shooting netballs into a hoop!!  She managed this successfully and received a huge round of applause.  
Netball A & B Teams:  
 Huge congratulations to the Netball A & B Teams, who have both won their leagues this season, both teams won their leagues last season as well.  The A team had a goal difference of 103, scoring 112 goals and only letting in 13.  The B team were undefeated all season, they only let in 2 goals all season, and scored 103.  Miss Gibson and Miss Snell were both thanked, Miss Gibson stated that both teams were very enthusiastic and should be congratulated for all their hard work.  Both teams were presented with the league shields.    
Primary Maths Challenge: Rowan, AJ, Bella, Anna, Jona, Henry, Logan & Mia.  
 Congratulations to the following, who all took part in the Primary Maths Challenge during their maths club after school with Mrs Dunlop.  Rowan & AJ gained Gold: Bella, gained Silver: Anna, Jonas & Henry gained Bronze and Logan & Mia completed the challenge.  
Rugby choir at London Stadium: Grace, Year 5 & Gabby Year 6 
 Last weekend, Grace, Year 5, and Gabby, Year 6, who both attend Stagecoach, sang in a choir of 750 children at the London Stadium in front of over 55,000 people, before the start of a rugby match between Saracens and Harlequins.  They had a great time and showed the t-shirt they had to wear. 
Shell Award: 6H. 
 Congratulations to 6H, this weeks clear winners of the Shell Award; they will have some additional free time to celebrate their win.