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Below are details of our latest celebration assembly.

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08 February 2018
Celebrations were a day early this week, on Wednesday, as on Thursday a visitor talked about on-line safety to the whole school.  All pupils were reminded to check the lost property box for hats, scarves and gloves, there are lots in the box that need to be reunited with their owners.  The play equipment has been delivered and work has begun, but there is a long way to go until it is completed. Prayers were led by Olive & Amiah in 5T and the hymn, Everywhere Around Me was sung. 
Basketball A Team: Evan, Lenny, Joshua, Dan, Joe L, Erin, Isabelle, Bianca, Gabby & Corey. 
 On Thursday 1st February, the Basketball A team went to play in the Kent Finals at Medway Park in Gillingham.  The first game was against Gravesend and we won 10-2.  Our second match was against Ashford and sadly we lost 7-5.  Our third game was against Malling and Sevenoaks and we won 10-6.  In our fourth match, against Canterbury, we won 18-2.  Our fifth game was against Shepway and we won 11-6.  For our last group game we played a feisty team, Medway Howard.  Luckily we beat them 10-8. We found out that we had got into the semi-finals.   In the semi-finals we played East Kent Coastal and won 13-6.  We were through to the final.  In the finals we played Medway Howard, unfortunately we lost 20-2; they targeted Gabby & Evan, who had been very strong in defence in the group game.  We got a silver medal for coming second overall.  Thank you to Mrs Waller and Mr Allen for coaching us and Mrs Waller for driving us there and for the parents for supporting us, we had a wonderful time.  Report by Evan.  Team: Evan, Lenny, Daniel, Joe L, Bianca, Gabby, Erin, Joshua & Corey.  Mrs Waller reported the team had played some ‘stunning basketball’, gaining some very impressive scores and that other schools had commented on the excellent sportsmanship. 
Golden Awards: Arsh, Freddie, Ahsan, Seb T, Elsie, Esme, Alexander, Alohi, Antwon, Aaron, Stella, Max & Ava. 
 Congratulations to the following, who have all received Golden Awards this week.  In Year 3: for an excellent descriptive story of a hunt: Freddie, for working so hard on his focus in the last week, a big improvement in his work and Ahsan, for always putting 100% into his learning and working independently.  In Year 4: Seb T, for his excellent efforts in reading, passing 19 AR quizzes already with 100%, also the first to read a million words in the class and for improving his writing: Elsie, for being such a helpful and polite member of the class, growing in confidence and always being ready to learn and Esme, for always doing her best and for being a lovely, kind, member of the class.  In Year 5: Alexander M, for always setting high expectations of himself across all areas of his learning: Alohi, for steady progress in reading and Antwon, for his amazing effort in writing his Kensuke Kingdon story, with some great creative ideas.  In Year 6: Aaron, for working really hard in maths, putting lots of effort into his presentation: Stella, for always being ready to learn and listening to everybody's contributions and Max, for a brilliant attitude this week and really focusing on what matters!  Carried over from last week, Ava, in Year 5, for her fabulous artwork, currently on display on the corridor.  
Netball A Team: Toby, Evan, Lenny, Gabby, Bianca, Erin, Isabella & Ella.  
 On Tuesday 6th February, the Netball A Team went to SKA to play 2 matches.  The first match was against Speldhurst, the team won 19-3.  The second match was a friendly match against Brenchly, the team all played in different positions and had a fun game.  Team: Toby, Evan, Lenny, Gabby, Bianca, Erin, Isabella & Ella. The team remain unbeaten this season.  
Netball, Year 5 Team: Ella, Bella, Bea, Emily F, Emily R, Alohi, Logan & AJ.  
 On Saturday 3rd February 2018 the Year 5 Netball Team went to Kent College to play in a Netball Tournament. We did some practice first with a professional player.  We did shooting, passing, attacking, defending and footwork things.  Our first match was against Leigh and was a great match and we drew 0-0.  The second match was against Wallyhall and they won 0-2.  Next match it was against Shipbourne, it was a fantastic match and we won an amazing 2-1. Then we played St Matthews and they won 2-0, although they won we all played very well.  In our 5th match we played Holmwood House and they were like giants to us, and they won 7-0.  Our last match was against Kent College, Emily R nearly scored an amazing goal, but sadly she missed, in the end the score was 0-0.  After we played our last match we watched the final.  It was Granville against Holmwood House and Granville won.  Then it was the presentation, Alohi won a certificate and pink netball for being the Player of the Tournament.  Thank you to Miss Gibson for coaching us, Miss Snell and the parents for supporting us.  Miss Gibson reported it was the first time the team had played together and that they had done really well. 
Shell Award: 6S 
 Congratulations to 6S, who are this weeks 'Shell' winners; they will receive some additional free time at the end of the week and all year 6 will be able to go on the bank at break and lunchtime on Friday.  
Squash: Bryony, Ollie, Alfie, Sophie, Lia & Spencer. Year 3 & 4. 
 On Friday 2nd February, the Year 3/4 squash team went to a mini festival at the Squash Courts in Tunbridge Wells.  We played 6 squash games and overall we came 2nd out of 9 teams. Thank you to Miss Spoor and the parents for supporting us and Mrs Simkins for driving us there and to Mr Hodges for arranging it.  We all enjoyed playing and representing our school.  Report by, Bryony.  Team: Bryony, Ollie, Alfie, Sophie, Lia & Spencer.  Miss Spoor reported that none of the team had played squash before, but they were wonderful ambassadors for the school and played with great sportsmanship.